Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lindsay Lohan — UCLA Rehab Stipulations

Apparently Lindsay Lohan is under strict rules at the rehab center. She is not allowed to see any friends! The only people that Lindsane can see in rehab are blood relatives for the first 30 days of a 90 day program…wait, what?! 90 days?! That’s right, Lindsay has managed to completly screw over ‘common folk’ like us and nail herself a simple 90 day rehab program.

Let’s take a look at this case, and I’ll explain why it pisses me off to no end. First; this is Lindsay Lohan’s second DUI in the state of California and according to this site on DUI laws she should be sitting uncomfortably in a jail cell (a lot like she was for 14 days of a 90 day minimum sentence). Second; the jail sentence…yes, that little thing that she hardly recieved which should have been 90 days and amazingly turned into 14. Third; her courtroom antics, once arriving to court with the word ‘FUCK’ painted on her fingernails, being late numerous times, just not appearing…and the list goes on.

Now, let’s take us for example. I know that if I was up on my second DUI there would be no escaping that 90 day jail sentence and I’m confident that I wouldn’t get such leniency on my second DUI charge within a 10 year time. Just as well, if I were to walk into a courtroom with the word ‘FUCK’ painted on my fingernails, or was late numerous times, or just didn’t show period…I would be residing in a nice little jail cell for more than likely the full one year.

This is why the legal system sucks, this is why pop sucks, because pop just nullifies the legal system and the legal system bends over like a bitch and says ‘give it to me harder, please.’

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Site Is Moving!

Check it out, just moving posts over individually right now so there is no new content but you can still subscribe if you want!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

This Weeks Top 10 'WTF' Moments

Well, this isn't actually recent by any stretch of the mind as I'm going to be using Michael Jackson in todays segment titled 'This Weeks Top 10 'WTF' Moments.'

10 - 1982: "The White Sequin Glove" - I still hate that damn glove just as much as I hated its icon status in the early 90's. It still doesn't make sense to me of how that silly thing became so popular while I thought it was the oddest damn thing I ever saw.

9 - 1984: "The Roof, The Roof, The Roof Is On Fire" - While on tour in 1984 after being brought on as the spokesman for Pepsi (bad move, Pepsi, bad move), Jackson was burned while on tour to promote The Jacksons' album. He suffered third degree burns.

8 - 1986: "Hyperbaric Chamber, Bleached Skin, And The Elephant Man" - Around this time tabloids started running stories that Jackson slept in a hyperbaric chamber, bleached his skin, and bought the bones of the Elephant Man John Merrick. And to be honest, I actually believe the tabloids this time.

7 - 1987: "The Release Of 'Bad,' And A New White Jackson" - In 1987 riding the high wave of success, Jackson decided to release his new look and album. A new whiter Jackson hit the tabloids with the release of his album "Bad" forever changing his face with plastic surgery.

6 - 1988: "Daddy Doesn't Love Me, No One Cares" - It was this year that Jackson released his autobiography disclosing his father and the abusive relationship between them. I really do think this was the dawn of "emo."

5 - 1991: "After Sleeping In The Hyperbaric Chamber, 'Black Or White' Hits" - After taking a hiatus from the music business after the release of "Bad" in 1988, Jackson returns with the release of an 11 minute controversial video for "Black or White." The source of seven more painful hit singles we had to listen to on the radio.

4 - 1993: "I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Wom...Err, Boy" - Yep, this was the first year that Jackson was accused of molesting a child that was staying with him at his Neverland Ranch. He would go on satellite and proclaim his innocence and just to top it off...settle out of court.

3 - 1994: "Uhhuh, You Know You Want Me Baby" - As if to give one last jab to society, Michael marries Lisa Marie Presley the daughter of the late Elvis Presley. Thank you, Michael, you proved to me that there isn't a God.

2 - 2002: "A Boy Named 'Blanket'" - It was this year that Michael decided to dangle Prince Michael II over his balcony while the awe-struck public looked on. Later to become the boy named 'blanket', I'm sure Prince Michael is forever scarred by this event. Nice going, Jackson, now everyone thinks you're fucked in the head.

1 - 2009: "The Comeback Trail, And Inevitable Fail" - Appearing at London's 02 arena Michael proclaimed that he was coming back this year. I'm not sure as I wasn't there but I think there was a sigh of "oh my God, not again" that went over the crowd. Four months after his announcement he was rushed to Ronald Reagon UCLA Medical Center and pronounced dead of cardiac arrest. Allegations of drug use sparked the DEA investigating as many as 30 different doctors in relation to this case. Which is why I promote illicit substances, no one can find the people that provide these services.

Kind of funny how this list degrades by year, at least I think so anyway. Well, there is my list of the top 10 'WTF' moments from the 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson. If you enjoyed this and other posts found on my blog please consider subscribing, or if you have anything to add go ahead and leave me a comment. Thanks for reading Death To Pop.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kings Of Leon = Pigeon Shit?

This is so good, really, this is the type of stuff that only happens in poorly written comedy movies.

The Kings of Leon were forced to abandon their gig in St. Louis, Missouri on Friday due to impeccable aim from pigeons. Apparently the Verizon Ampihitheatre was crawling with pigeons that knew terrible music, the entire show was washed because of the targeting skills of these "flying rats."

Previous to the Kings of Leon coming on stage these brave birds took on The Postelles and The Stills on the same night, in the same venue! I think we should award these birds with some kind of medal or something, this was truly a brave thing to do risking their life for this kind of attack on an otherwise terrible band like the Kings of Leon.

You can check out the original story found here at NME.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Is In Jail!!

Fantastic news! Lindsay Lohan is serving her time in Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California according to numerous reports. According to the National Ledger she is having a rather difficult time adapting to her surroundings in the detention facility, other inmates are calling her 'fire crotch' a term used by oil heir Brandon Davis for her natural hair color (he's another rich prick that probably won't ever see reality).

Recently she has been visited by her mom Dina Lohan, sister Ali, and manager Lou Taylor. On top of those visitors she also recieved a visit from Samantha Ronson (ex-girlfriend/publicity stunt)! As Samantha was leaving she was asked by a reporter "how do you think she is doing?" Which Samantha snapped back with "how do you think she is doing?!"

Have to love a day like this, pop is dismantling itself at the seams. Death to pop is taking on an entirely different definition today, we can smile, be happy...pop music must die, and we must handle the reigns of this downfall.

And I'm absolutely loving Hellyeah's new album 'Stampede!' If you are looking for a good album you have to check this one out!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Wonder If Justin Bieber Dies?!

Apparently Justin Bieber just wrapped up shooting an episode for the season premiere of CSI. He is supposed to be portraying a troubled teen so he was wearing an orange jump suit (prediction of his future maybe?). According to the Us News report Justin said "[it was an] amazing day" (apparently English isn't really necessary if you just sing noises).

I honestly have to say...I really hope that the character he is playing in the show eventually will be him when the drugs, alcohol, and sex hits in his pop life. I know, I know...I'm cruel, but history as the lesson, it is inevitable and I honestly can't wait to see it.

On a completly unrelated note I finally got my hands on Hellyeah's new album Stampede! And it is fucking awesome! Good to see people like Chad Gray and Greg Tribbett are still pulling for the death of pop!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Enrique Iglesias? Didn't He Die?

Enrique Iglesias is back for some reason. Releasing his recent album ‘Euphoria’ earlier this month, and apparently he is going to go do some nude water skiing here soon *PUBLICITY STUNT*. It really is sickening if you think about it, just released his new album and then goes on CBS announcing that he ‘bet’ his ‘friend’ that if Spain won the World Cup he would go water skiing nude. Fucking right!?

I mean, as I displayed before…pop musicians don’t pull these kinds of stunts for publicity, do they? So of course this is a simple bet from a friend. My only question is what kind of bet is that? I mean really, how many of you have put your friends on the spot saying “if the Patriots win the Super Bowl you have to go nude water skiing!” Right…exactly. This entire thing screams publicity stunt to me.

Pop music is becoming sickening these days, if we don’t try to kill pop music now there is no telling what affect these kinds of mindless stunts are going to have on children!

Death to pop! Pop music must die! These are chants we should be hearing through the streets!